Hour 1
  1. Download wordpress link: download WP
  2. Now unzip file and put it into your development directory ex: var/html/... in LAMP and /httpd/... in XAMPP and www in WAMP . save as your project name " Project-wp".
  3. open browser and open project which unzip you and name " Project-wp".
  4. localhost/Project-wp            press Enter
  5. You will find a page for wordpress installation 
  6.  Click for installation 
  7. if you get error in config file then " create a config.php in root folder and put code which you had given before installation "
  8. Or not then put database name, username , password and required field 
  9. open browser open project 
you have successfully install Wordpress 

 Hour 2


  1. For more than one project, could we have to download once again a new wordpress zip?

  2. Not always, once download create only replica...

  3. I want to know if, I can build a dating site with wordpress?

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  4. Please what is the maximum number of plugins a good website should have.

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  8. How do I activate upgradement with zero downtime on wordpress


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